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Looking for a (hopefully) frequently updated Jeqo related media source? Check out the Jeqo-Firebird Podcast, officially resurrected as of October 2007!
FilenameType Size Description
Music files
Reptile Chronicals title music. midi (.mid) 4kb (Fixed!) Played at the title screen of Reptile Cronicles
(Note: The original game is no longer available online)
Seva Overworld midi (.mid) 7kb This was originally created as a generic medly of a few melodies for Planet Seva; the file was originally used in Reptile Chronicals (I wonder if it should go back online?) for Seva worldmap type areas. So yes, it does in fact move more like video game music... ^^
Nohin Overview midi (.mid) 7kb

Written to go with the appropriately-named chapter of Planet Seva (in part assuming that in a live action adaptation, said chapter would become a montage). While this version demonstrates more buildup than the other not-video game songs from the 2002-early 2004 Jeqo Music period, it's still extremely repetitive.

Extreme Clashers: Battle01 midi (.mid) 37kb (Late 2004, when Jeqo music started paying attention to what makes music good... although that means little for the quality of this file).
This was something of a random song, though as it developed it sort of linked itself to, say, the early chapters of Extreme Clashers. Probably more of a video game song than anything else. (Don't let the "spectacular" build-up of the beginning fool you; laziness took over halfway through and there's a big chunk of looping in the middle.)
Armydream Stage1 - The Intrusion midi (.mid) 11kb (Late 2005). Initially this had no connection to Jeqo, but was written for a Powerpoint game based on a dream (I wonder if that'll appear online somewhere...). The file was put together rather quickly (I think the game was being made at that point, and so it was made around the time stage1 was completed... note that this project never went past stage1). With projects like The JFTag, it found more use, though still as background music for games.
Jeqo/Herendil 2009 Halloween2009 MPG Layer-3 (.mp3) 1.95mb

A certain Demon-lord drops by for some seasonal Fear and Nightmares... but before it's all said and done there's a varitable party of terror! Featuring Herendil characters, as well as a bit of Planet Seva and TAOE.

JFHalloween2009Instrumental (midi) midi (.mid) 15.5kb

Midi version of the music behind the Jeqo/Herendil Halloween 2009... song... thing. *points up*.

Jeqo/Herendil Halloween2009 Instrumental (mp3) MPG Layer-3 (.mp3) 1.92mb

The music (no vocals) behind the Jeqo/Herendil Halloween2009 thing. Being the MP3 version, this one features the cheap chorus effects and the off-beat dulsamer. (Note to self: learn to spell dulsamer.)

TaoeMusic zip archive (.zip), contains 21 midis, 1mp3 and 1 readme.txt 2.39MB

As TAOE was initially being released weekly, sometimes songs would go up along with episodes. All of those songs have been compiled into this one file, with a few extras--covers season 1, two songs for season 2, and a few alternate versions of season 1 songs. (You'll have to look at the individual songs for information specific to each.)

"Night of the Fireflies" song (loud draft version).

html 2kb A four-instrument draft of a song intended for Planet Seva.

Metallic intro

html ?2kb (Fixed!) An attempt at a heavy song in order to avoid licensing issues in a potential scene in the movie (this scene is currently not in the book; a redcan of the first chapter should show up around here any time now if not already.)

Metallic intro(Wav, SFM)

Wave (.wav) 1.15mb

Wave of the above, recorded off of a computer running Windows98 with an SFM midi system. Oddly enough, I'd call this more official than newer versions; perhaps Uasho's playing a video game?

Sound clips
Extreme Clashers: abridged Japanese Intro MPG layer-3 (.mp3) 1.72mb (0:03:00) Three minutes, simplistic japanese, and a mix of qualities leaves us with this...
Since I think the general plot of this scene is disclosed online in enough places, and the book is far more artistically pleasing than this rush job (not to mention it's in japanese), and there is a relative lack of content in the 2006/07 era... Yeah, you have yourselves an abridged version of the first chapter of Extreme Clashers, featuring a couple original songs and a mix of original and *cough* not so original sound effects. Oh, and there's the voice work. (Anyone wanna tell me how to add subtitles to an mp3?)
Planet Seva abridged Japanese intro MPG Layer-3(.mp3)*
* Currently on putfile, which uses embedded media player to play files; direct download is possible (find the "download this media" link on the resulting page)
6.36mb (0:11:07) Eleven minutes, abridged and relatively weak japanese, and a rush job...
So, here is the Japanese version of the first two and a half chapters of Planet Seva, ready for hearing! And no, the first scene is not in the wild west. It's an electronics store. :P
If Everyone Cared>(Youtube/flash)?Thanks to Wolfstar for pointing this out. Those that have read Planet Seva should hear the similarities pretty easily... the only way this isn't coincidental is if Nickleback consists of PlanetSeva fans I don't know about...
Angus_beetles wav(.wav) 944kb A clip based off of a scene in a dream that involved a certain group of beings from Planet Seva. Under the circumstances, there wasn't much to see here in the dream, so just stair at the door of the room you're in and the only real difference is how close the second part sounds. And in case you're wondering, I have no idea where this Angus person came from in the first place.
coolchase wav(.wav) 4734kb (bandwidth beware): a simple scene done for the heck of it. What is it that you expect to hear somewhere in there?
alien_invasion wav(.wav) 4618kb Another scene done for the fun of it. Anyone familiar with a certain spidercm should recognize the background comotion. This and the coolchase file were created with SFX from numerous sources, and best I can remember there aren't any in there that we can claim as our own. CAJones just put them together the oldfashioned way.

Please note: There's a bit of ambiguity in what our bandwidth limitations are. If any issues are discovered, updates will be forthcoming.

Most of this page's contents are copyright C. A. E. Jones, however a few files are compiled from source material that is distributed by other companies. C. A. E. Jones claims no ownership over any such files other than the rights held within the license agreements of the software packages in which said files are contained.

   . in other words, we made most of this, but a few clips might have files from Intel Play, Knowledge Adventure, Microsoft Office, Etc. Most of these products have license agreements you have to agree to before installing the software, and the conditions of those agreements are the limits of our ownership over those components. So the alien voice isn't ours, we got it from Magic Theater, but the file that it is in, while constructed from other clips, was done by us. Hope we made that clear. Or at least legally acceptable.

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