Sunday, January 5, 2014, 12:35PM

Annoyed by the frames?? break free!


  TL;DR version: new audio game, all Jeqo this time, needs voices, please audition!

  So, on the audio games page, you will find the Jeqocon Console, which is basically a collection of games using the same interface, including those old totally-not-canon fanfiction-ladened standbys, the JF IM Adventure (formerly known as the JFTag) and Dragonball: Grand Unification.

To the collection has been added Jeqo Prime, a massive fighting game including characters from TAOE, Planet Seva, and Extreme Clashers, as well as nifty online play and a story mode with exploration elements. This >400MB behemoth is only in its first iteration, however; it was, after all, made only with the voices that were already lying around, and those that could be recorded at the Jeqave.

This is where you come in: we need more voices! (especially the female variety) You can find a list of the needed voices, lines, and instructions on how to audition behind this link.

Oh, and the old updates are finally getting moved to the archives. Yay.

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