The Literature Section

Planet Seva


    And we find ourselves in a place that will hopefully not remain lonely. As the title suggests, this section is intended to hold various literary things. Let's take a look at what we have...

In the Essays section, there should be various writings, perhaps analyses of literature, philosophy, really good English papers, or things completely unrelated. (see below for an explanation on the subject matter).
The fanfiction section is to house those works that are written by people other than those with rights to what they're writing about (Or things that cajones doesn't want to be official). Again, see below for just what your fanfics can be about.
The Officials and Archives are things that aren't going to be sold, but are either official to one of Cajones's stories or has enough alternate significance to wind up in the section. If it isn't mentioned here or in something Cajones did, it isn't official!

* The subject of submissions does not have to be strictly related to anything that Cajones has done. Though we'd like a fair balance between us-related and not, our goal here is to provide a place where we can all share in what we have created. Essays(or articles, papers, whatever fits the writing best) don't have to have anything to do with Planet Seva. We'll accept fanfiction set on Mobius or Namek or in any other universe. Please note, however, that we don't have an infinite amount of space and bandwidth on this server, and if push comes to shove something will have to move. That doesn't mean that anything will be deleted (hopefully), simply that it would be moved elsewhere where we might not necessarily beso ad-free. This would of course require that at least more than one hundred submissions come this way along with twice as many visiters a day. Humble, yes, but until then, there's really no threat of anything being moved.

   Please note that we do not accept original fiction(stories that you have made up without using any pieces of existing fiction). If you would like to post that, you can check here, or head to Fiction press. Also, it should b enoted that things cannot be submitted for the O∧A section; what winds up there is, if related to something in the library, part of the cannan of the storyline. Thus, only one person makes the call on that. But who knows, maybe the best will come up with something that fits.

To submit something for this section, click here, or e-mail it as an attachment to Be sure to indicate what section it belongs in. We might be able to figure it out, but don't assume so.

Latest additions:

Official: so far, we have two items;
"Same Beginning..." - a rewrite of most of Chapter I of Planet Seva, because the original version is the worst part of the book.
"Uncertain Days" - a short story depicting... well, look in the official section...

May 5, 2005